Selective sharpening of the image

Admin February 18, 2012 Retouching 2 Comments

The image could be selectively sharpened that may give a different depth of field to the photo but also can enhance certain sections one plans to emphasize. Selective sharpening can be done with many different methonds but we will be talking about the High Pass filter in this case.

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Lighting for small products

Admin February19, 2012 Lighting 2 Comments

Lighting for small products can be a tedious work especially if we are talking about different shape objects in the same photo. That may require many different lights to use in order to make sure there are no shadows dropping from one product to the other. the quality of the light should also give nice cotour and high-ights to each product while the labels should be fully clear for the viewer to be able to read the name of the product right away.

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Landscape photography

While many people are able to put their hands on a quite decent Digital Semi-Pro SLR camera system may think all it takes to take good landscape photography is to travel to beautiful locations, take their gear there and a tripod and just keep on shooting. While gear and travel are essectial parts there are not just technical skills but artistic skills, talent is required to capture a great image in all type of photography ncluding landscapes as well. I have exhibited my photos many times and I could say at least 1/4 of the people woudl come up to me telling me how great my photos were and that they had just as great landscape photos as mine. To be honest I did have a chance to see some of their photos they compared to mine unfortunately. Here I do not want to sound arrogant but nowadays people just don't seem to have any self critique and unfortunately our society tries so hard to be politically correct and lie to people just not to offend them. This will make it more difficult for people who are expert in art to go through a pile of untalented people to find real talents.

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